‘Liverpool’s Banksy’ Paul Curtis Reveals New Abbey Road Artwork in Baltic Triangle


A new mural has been revealed in Liverpool by the same artist who created the ‘Liverbird wings’ in the Baltic Triangle and other Liverpool artworks.

Paul Curtis , who is known as ‘Liverpool’s answer to Banksy’ was commissioned to do the artwork be The Beatles Story , to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Abbey Road album.

The new artwork can be found on Grafton Street, on the wall to the increasingly popular Cain’s Brewery Village.

The interactive artwork is inspired by the album’s cover and depicts the scene of the famous London-based zebra crossing used by the band.

Artist Paul Curtis is hoping the work will encourage members of the public to recreate the famous crossing scene and share their photographers online.

Speaking about the project, Paul Curtis said: “In some ways it is unusual in that without the Beatles, it is simply a suburban street scene, but it is so iconic that people recognise it from just some tarmac, trees and a couple of cars.

“I hope that people enjoy the new work and becoming The Beatles themselves.

“I look forward to seeing all the photos of people just having fun with the backdrop.

“In that sense, it is similar to ‘For all Liverpool’s Liverbirds’, the main point is that people enjoy it and that it brightens their day!”

Diane Glover, Marketing Manager at The Beatles Story, said: “We’re looking forward to celebrating another important 50th anniversary this year and celebrating the amazing legacy the four Beatles have left for the city of Liverpool.

“We hope members of the public will enjoy this amazing street art by Paul – another local lad making a name for himself through his art form – and get involved by recreating that iconic crossing image.”

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