The Hidden Treasures Of Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle

The Baltic has never been so busy nor popular as 2019 brings about even more renovations, regenerations and concept stores to the Jamaica Street area. Once full of industrial type warehouses and workshops, the Baltic has flourished thanks to creative, artistic entrepreneurs who saw potential in the derelict spaces which are now full of live, every day (and night) of the week.

The best thing about the Baltic is its ability to constantly evolve. Alongside the bars and club nights that draw crowds from around the UK, there’s an incredible community of independent businesses that offer everything from website design to ice-cream sundaes, puncture repairs and revamping your Adidas Samba.


Did you know a bunch of highly trained magicians call Jamaica St their home? As a city that calls premium brand footwear, limited edition Adidas Originals and many a pair of Nike Air Max 95’s it’s every day shoe of choice, it takes some serious skill and patience to bring them back to life. All in a day’s work for Grael who breathe new life into your most coveted footwear.


Mixing up a love of cycling and great coffee, Ryde Liverpool is a truly unique space. Located at Cain’s Brewery Village this cafe and bike shop offers great food, drinks, bike workshops, tyres, servicing cycling accessories and a warm welcome. The perfect place to stop in for a cuppa on your next cycle route.

Yellow Submarine

The swinging sixties are alive and well in the Baltic. Take a load off at the Yellow Sub Beatles Bar at Cain’s Brewery Village and check out the Beatles themed cocktails, 60’s playlist and retro vibes. This amazing bar is actually a yellow submarine?

Bongo’s Bungalow

There ain’t no party like a Bongo’s party and when he’s not busy inventing stuff, giving away mobility scooters or kicking the arse out of striped t-shirts and chino’s, you’ll find Jonny Bongo down at his Bungalow at Cain’s Brewery Village. Sipping on Bucky, spinning all the best tunes and basically tearing it up on the patio.


The Baltic welcomed its first retail concept store earlier this month and in spectacular fashion too. SEVENSTORE, Norfolk St launched on LightNight with crowds browsing the current collection of hand-picked brands while none other than Graeme Park took to the decks.

The Botanical Gin Garden

This New Bird Street oasis is a must visit during the summer months. Sat out under the stars with your mates, soaking up the atmosphere and all the gin, live music, amazing pizza, DJ’s and all round good times. Even the weather can’t put the mockers on a visit to Botanical Garden thanks to the greenhouse.

Hobo Kiosk

It’s said: “If Narnia was down a flight of stairs in Liverpool, it would be Hobo Kiosk!” The Baltic’s go-to bohemian micropub offers a quirky venue in which to enjoy a pint, engage in some interesting conversation and take in an intimate gig or two. Full of curiosities and a top drinks list, stop by and see it for yourself.

Street Art

The Baltic Triangle is home to so many impressive works of street art, it seems there’s a new piece to snap every week. From the Liver Bird Wings to Stephen Hawkins, the evolution of man, the Centurion standing tall on the plinth or the highly Instragram-mable Jurgen Klopp, Zig & Zag and the hilarious antics that took over New Bird St Skate park (bye Netflix!), look up and all around on your next visit.

Love Lane Brewery

A more recent addition to the Baltic Triangle area, Love Lane Brewery has completely transformed a former rubber factory to throw open the doors on three bars, a kitchen, tasting room and event space. Love Lane Brewery is a modern, sophisticated venue with a real casual feel to it. Creating its own pale ale, lager and with an IPA series on the way soon, stop by for a pint and discover a new fave.

Elevator Studios

Did you know the Baltic is home to Elevator Studios? Having hosted some of the biggest names in the industry, the state of the art facilities at Elevator Studios offers recording studios, rehearsal space, a range of PA’s, drum kits and amps, all within its massive 90,000 sq ft Baltic Triangle base.

Apocalypse Cow

If you like your Baltic day or night out with a generous side of succulent meat, get to Birdies Bar and chow down on a burger from Apocalypse Cow. Get yourself a pint or a big ass gin balloon, grab a seat in the sun, soak up the live music and atmosphere and get your chops around a hand-pressed, sweet smoked bbq meats, spring rolls and loaded fries.


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